Before you hire an Allen Roofing Company, it is important that you determine the credibility of the roofer and perhaps the roofing insurance he/she is having. A poor service would actually mean costly leaks and roof repairs in future and in turn more money and time would be spent to fix up the issue. 

It is also very important that you hire a good contractor for roof installation and roof repair services in Allen, Texas such as Allen TX Roofing Pro

So, here are the few tips that you should keep in mind to determine a roofer’s credibility and the level of the roofing insurance. 

  • Ask for the Registered Company Name and Address 

Once you have shortlisted few roofing company, then do ask them their registered company name as well as the physical address where the office is located. On a contrary, if a roofing company doesn’t have a physical address, then it is a red flag and you should definitely move on. 

  • Ask them if they have Insurance 

All the roofing contractors must have a workman’s liability and compensation insurance such that the homeowner is protected in an accident event.  With a workman’s compensation insurance, a homeowner can protect itself if the employee of the roofing company by any event gets injured. 

Hence, the homeowner would not be liable for the injury that might be caused during roof replacement or repair. 

On the other side, if the workman’s compensation insurance is not present, then the homeowner would have to pay the bills for the cost that might have incurred during the injury. Also, the homeowner’s insurance won’t cover such types of accidents and thus you would have to be personally liable for the cost. 

  • Ask them if they are Offering Warranty on the Roofing Work 

Ask them how long are they offering the warranty on the roofing work that they would do. A warranty on a roof can last for about a year but some of the companies offer even more. The warranty on the roofing materials are generally covered by the manufacturer while the warranty on the work is covered by the roofer. These are perhaps two separate warranties and therefore do ask the roofer the warranty that he/she is offering. 

  • Ask them if they are using the Roofing Subcontractors 

Ask them if any part of the project would be executed by a sub-contractor. If, yes, then do ask the questions about the roofing subcontractor especially if they are insured or not. 

  • Do ask them if they are having a Roofing Contractor License 

Do ask the roofing contractor if they have been licensed by the city/state. Also, the licensing requirements can alter depending on the state to state. Hence, you would need to verify if a license is needed in your area. 

Also visit the local licensing offices to ensure that the roofer that you are hiring has the licensed updated and doesn’t have any violations in the past. 

  • Ask them for the Homeowner References 

Ask them for their portfolio and also check the previous roofing work that they have done. You can also ask for homeowner references and perhaps cross verify the work that is done by them.  If you find the work satisfactory, then you can go on to hire them.

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