Are you planning to install a new roof? You should know about the metal drip edge. Metal roofing drip edge is usually installed by the roofers while they are installing a new roof of your home. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop roofing contractors from skipping it either in their discussions or in the bid as they think it isn’t a necessary requirement. Always, hire professional and Best Roof Installation Service providers in Allen.

Well, here’s something you must, installing a metal drip edge is actually quite beneficial for your roof and gives more protection to your roof. Let’s see how:

Why install Drip Edge?

Prevents moisture from seeping underneath – When water gets under the shingles of your roof, it creates moisture there and can cause staining. Further, if it stays there for a longer period of time, it can lead to deck deterioration and damages fascia board. Gradually, it can create leakage inside your house. If you want personal recommendations, take guidance from experts Roofing Company in Allen similar to AllenRoofingPro

Prevents rodents from entering your attic – Drip edge seals the gap between fascia and decking. This is beneficial as it prevents any rodents like squirrels, mice or other small animals from entering your house. These rodents usually enter the attic and can make houses in your attic. Sometimes, they enter your living zone as well.

Other benefits of installing drip edge – Apart from stooping moisture and rodents, there are other benefits of installing a drip edge. The drip edge stops the movement between fascia and deck boards. In winters, when ice dams form on the roof, these drip edges protect the bottom of the roofline. Your homes stays protected during harsh hailstorms and thunderstorms. Another crucial advantage of installing drip edges are that these usually add up years to your roof and don’t corrode. Thus, helping to maintain an aesthic outer appearance.

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