Have you ever wonder about shingle stain than you are not alone. Most people think that it won’t affect our roof, but they are wrong. Here are 9 benefits for shingle stain removal.

  1. Looks: stained shingle would ruin the looks of your house, getting rid of that stain would improve the curb appeal.
  2. Cost effective: shingle stain would lead to greater repair cost and it won’t be in future but in a few years. If you clean it before it could affect your roof and get rainwater in your home then probably it’s a good deal to clean it.
  3. Roof life: manufacturer would promise that it would last longer than 25 years, but for that, it needs to be clean. Stains would decrease it quality and lead to bigger problems.
  4. Value: if you are thinking of selling your house than stained shingle would surely affect the price.
  5. Weaken roof: stained shingle does much more than changing the color of your roof. It would weaken the roof and break, so that nails would be surfaced and the whole integrity of the roof would be compromised.
  6. Vulnerability: once the nail exposed to the surface, rainwater would damage the house and it loses the protective shield from the wind and other natural disasters.
  7. Falling: there is no other way one can determine that your roof is jeopardies until you see fallen shingles. It’s better to clean it before you need to replace it.
  8. Replacement: getting a new shingle because of the damage would cost more and takes time. also, it would last more than 20 years so there is no need of replacement, one just needs to remove the stain.
  9. Protection: the roof is one of the most important parts of the house. If the shingle is damage, it would cost much more than furniture damage but the whole house would need to be repaired.

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